SCI 1100 Environmental Health and Toxicolog discussion

General Instructions

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Topics: (1) Environmental Health and Toxicology; (2) Geology, Minerals, and Mining.

NOTE: Question #3 for Unit 3 is eliminated from the pool and you are not required to answer the question. This does not alter the required 1000 word count and 3 scholarly sources for the unit.

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Question #2
Question #3
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Assignment Submitted


What is BPA? How might you get exposed to BPA?


Name and describe each of the four major types of environmental hazards.


Describe three reasons contagious diseases often claim more lives in developing nations than non-contagious disease.


Differentiate between an LD50 and an ED50 response to toxicity. Explain why there is a response threshold to some toxins.


Explain how scientists identify and assess risks.


Thoroughly describe the “Precautionary Principle” policy. Do you agree with this policy? Explain.


Using your own words, describe the three types of possible tectonic plate boundaries. Why do so many earthquakes and volcanos occur along the “ring of fire” circum-pacific belt?


Thoroughly describe the rock cycle.


What is a mineral? Why is it important that items that use minerals be recycled?


Describe two types of mining. What are the effects of each on the environment?


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