Dissertation Chapter - Literature Review

Nursing Health Assessment and Communication

Nursing Health Assessment and Communication in Mississippi

Nursing health assessment is the study information on the release of harmful substances in the environment to identify their impacts on people. Health assessment helps medical practitioners in determining the depth of an environmental hazard which creates an opportunity to either reduce or stop the effect. Mississippi is facing ecological challenges that have led to the emergence of adverse health problems. Cancers are one of the chronic illness that contribute to the high mortality rate of the Mississippi population. The disease is caused by the mutation in the DNA within the body cells which affects their normal functioning and can become cancerous (Giger, 2016). Gene mutation occurs because of issues like smoking, obesity, lack of enough physical exercise and hormones. The focus of this paper is to discuss the nursing health assessment and communication process to treat and prevent cancer in Mississippi.

When conducting a health assessment, some steps should be followed for the process to be efficient. First, a plan and preparation for the assessment should be done to determine who will be the participants, how to engage the community, resources necessary and time needed for the complete evaluation (Keeton, Jones & Sebastian, 2014). Cancer patients in a local hospital in Mississippi will be identified and their home environment. The ministry of health will help in the provision of finances to run the whole process.

The second step is to determine the goal of the assessment. It helps give direction and control throughout the whole process. In this case, the purpose of the evaluation is to help eradicate cancer from Mississippi and reduce the death rate it causes.

Thirdly, relevant data is collected from the community to help in identifying the causes, effects and how cancer can be prevented. Health assessors discovered that Mississippi has a hot climatic condition with strong radiations from the sun (McClave et al., 2016). They also learned that their rate of poverty is high in most places which expose individuals to poor living conditions. Smocking is also a problem which affects the population more so the youth.

Collected data is then analyzed and interpreted for a better understanding. The health assessor concluded that the hot environmental conditions, poor living standards and high levels of smoking contribute a lot to cancer (Giger, 2016). They affect the normal functioning of the body cells which can lead them to become cancerous.

The next step is to define and validate priorities to implement measures useful enough in solving the discovered problem. Individuals involved in the process of treating and preventing cancer in Mississippi are therefore identified. Method to be used is also created and assessed to ensure that it does not impact negatively on the target population (McClave et al., 2016). It should also be legally accepted and supported for it to be successful.

The last stage of the health assessment process is to document and communicate the results. An assessment report is necessary to help as a guideline during the implementation process. Documentation is also essential to support the resource providers analyze the process and decide if it is worth investing their resources. Proper communication of the assessment process must be made to the target population before implementation (Keeton et al., 2014). The people of Mississippi have to be informed about the procedures and what to expect to avoid tension and resistance.

For effective communication, information systems are employed which play the central role of passing information from one party to another. Well, structured information systems are essential in this case for faster and timely delivery of data. Medical practitioners from all parts of Mississippi must be made aware of the assessment to be able to prove any assistance they can offer. Valid and relevant technology should also be identified to make the treatment and prevention of cancer useful (McClave et al., 2016). The government can aid in availing more chemotherapy machines in medical practices for effective treatment of the high cancer population in Mississippi. Advanced technology equipment and effective communication are necessary to improve the quality and speed of cancer treatment. The medical team and the community need to work together for the assessment implementation process to be useful.

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