Complete the following:
-Introduction: Introduce the focus of your institution and need for further study (higher education leadership needing african american males in leadership at predominately white institutions).
Emphasize transformation of self, organization, and/or community.
-Reference relevant literature.
-Provide a summative history of the organization, including growth and setbacks.
-Statement of the problem: Provide a clear statement of the problem to be studied, places it in context of transforming organizations and communities.
-Purpose of the study: Clarify the purpose of your study in relation to the problem, provide a rationale for further study.
-Research question: Specify the research question, including hypothesis (if applicable).
-Significance: Offer a solid rationale for the study, specifying its link to educational leadership and to issues of transformative leadership, social justice and equity.
-Definition of terms: Definitions or explanations of key terminology.
-Conclusion: Offer a transitional statement to the next chapter by summarizing key points

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