Complete the following 10 questions for ​BOTH​ of your books:

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  1. Identify the ​narrator​ of the story, the ​point of view​, and the narrator’s and author’s ​tone presented in the novel.
  2. Keep track of ​theme(s)​ as they emerge and your reactions to them.
  3. Take notes on the ​setting​ (including culture) and how it affects or influenced the
    characters and the evolution of the plot.
  4. Note the ​structure​ of the novel. Is it linear or nonlinear (uses flashbacks)? How does that contribute to the novel?
  5. Note interesting or unusual ​diction​ (word choice). How does that contribute to the meaning of the novel?
  6. Note 5 instances of ​figurative language​ (metaphor, simile, personification, hyperbole) used throughout the novel and explain how it contributes to the meaning.
  7. What ​imagery​ is used in the novel and when (give 3 examples from the text)? What purpose does this serve?
  8. Write down 10 ​vocabulary​ words from throughout the novel you come across and define them.
  9. Write three (3) ​quotes​ from the text that you found interesting or made you think. Write a paragraph on each explaining why you found these important? Do they remind you of something in your own life or another book you’ve read? What made them stand out? How are they important to the novel as a whole?
  10. Write a paragraph responding to the novel. Did you like the book? Why? Why not? What parts of the novel were the most troublesome? What parts did you enjoy? Would you read more novels about this topic? By this author? Why?

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