Question 1 To a graduated cylinder containing 10.56 mL of water was added an object with a mass of 1.4436 grams. The final volume reading on the…

Question 1

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To a graduated cylinder containing 10.56 mL of water was added an object with a mass of 1.4436 grams. The final volume reading on the graduated cylinder was 12.13 mL. What is the density of the object?

a) 0.92 g/mL

b) Not enough information

c) 0.79 g/mL

d) 1.08 g/mL

e) None of the above

Question 2

Seawater is an example of

a) a compound

b) a homogeneous mixture

c) an element

d) a heterogeneous mixture

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Question 31 pts

Of the following substances, only ______ has London dispersion forces as its only intermolecular force

a) NH3

b) CH4

c) CH3OH

d) Hal

e) H2S

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Question 41 pts

When the following equation is balanced using the smallest possible integers, what is the number in front of the underlined substance?

PCl5 + H2O → H3PO4 + HCl

a) 11

b) 5

c) 1

d) 2

e) 3

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Question 51 pts

How many grams of O2 are needed to produce 624.4 g of Fe2O3?

4Fe + 3O2  → 2Fe2O3

a) 250.2 g

b) 187.7 g

c) 125.1 g

d) 3.910 g

e) 375.4 g

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Question 61 pts

White phosphorous, P4, is prepared by fusing calcium phosphate, Ca3 (PO4)2, with carbon and sand, SiO2, in an electric furnace.

2Ca3(PO4)2 (s) + 6 SiO2 (s) + 10 C (s) → P4 + 6 CaSiO3 (s) + 10 CO

How many moles of CaSiO3 are produced if 4.4 moles of calcium phosphate react?

a) 8.80 mol

b) 22.0 mol

c) 2.2 mol

d) 13.2 mol

e) 26.4 mol

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Question 71 pts

Calculate the percent (by mass) of phosphorous in NaH2PO4.

a) 53.3%

b) 19.2%

c) 25.8%

d) 12.5%

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Question 81 pts

The reaction, Al2(SO4)3 (aq) + 6 NaOH (aq) → 2 Al (OH)3 (s) + 3 Na2SO4 (aq) is a(n) ______ reaction.

a) single replacement

b) acid-base

c) precipitation

d) oxidation-reduction

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Question 91 pts

The correct formula for magnesium nitrite is

a) Mg2NO2

b) Mg(NO3)2

c) MgNO3

d) Mg(NO2)2

e) Mg2NO3

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Question 101 pts

(Limiting reactant problem) Reacting 1.23 moles of NaOH and 1.47 mol of Cl2, how many moles of NaClO could be obtained according to the following balanced equation?

2NaOH + Cl2 → NaCl + NaClO + H2O

a) 1.47 mol

b) 1.23 mol

c) 0.615 mol

d) 0.735 mol

e) 2.46 mol

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Question 111 pts

How many neutrons are there in an atom of 48Ti?

a) 26

b) 47

c) 69

d) 22

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Question 121 pts

How many total electrons are present in a bromine, Br, atom?

a) 35

b) 40

c) 34

d) 37

e) 36

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Question 131 pts

What is the electron configuration for the phosphorus atom?

a) 1s22s22p63s5

b) 1s22s22p63s23p5

c) 1s22s22p63s23p3

d) 1s22s22p63s23p2

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Question 141 pts

Which of the following does not have 8 valence electrons?

a) Ar

b) Kr

c) Cl

d) Ne

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Question 151 pts

Which of the following atoms has the smallest atomic radius?

a) Br

b) Cl

c) F

d) Ge

e) Ne

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Question 161 pts

Metal atoms tend to ______________ electrons and form ______________ ions.

a) gain; negative

b) share; neutral

c) lose; positive

d) gain; positive

e) lose; negative

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Question 171 pts

Chemical bonds formed by the sharing of electrons are called

a) magnetic bonds

b) covalent bonds

c) coordinate bonds

d) ionic bonds

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Question 181 pts

What is the correct formula for the product of the reaction Al + O2?

a) AlO3

b) Al3O2

c) AlO2

d) Al2O3

e) AlO

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Question 191 pts

Which element or ion has the electronic configuration, 1s22s22p63s23p63d104s24p5?

a) Br –

b) Br

c) None of these

d) Rb+

e) Kr

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Question 201 pts

Equal masses of hydrogen gas and oxygen gas are reacted to form water. Which substance is in excess?

a) Oxygen gas (O2) is in excess.

b) Neither gas is in excess.

c) Hydrogen gas (H2) is in excess.

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Question 211 pts

Which of the following compounds contains one or more covalent bonds?

a) SrF2

b) K2S

c) RaCl2

d) NH3

e) CsBr

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Question 221 pts

When the equation Al4C3(s) + H2O(l) → CH4(g) + Al(OH)3 (s) is balanced, what is the coefficient for Al(OH)3?

a) 1

b) 5

c) 3

d) 2

e) 4

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Question 231 pts

The correct name for an aqueous solution of H2SO3

a) dihydrogen sulfurous acid

b) sulfuric acid

c) sulfurous acid

d) sulfite acid

e) sulfate acid

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Question 241 pts

An aqueous solution of potassium sulfate is allowed to react with an aqueous solution of lead(II) nitrate. The net ionic equation would contain which of the following species?

a) 2K+(aq)

b) Pb2+(aq)

c) 2NO3-(aq)

d) NO3-(aq)

e) 2SO42-(aq)

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Question 251 pts

What is the molecular formula for C2H4 molar mass = 88 g/mol?

a) C4H8O4

b) C4H8O2

c) C2H4O

d) C2H4O2

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Question 261 pts

How many moles of sodium hydroxide are in 0.75 L of a 2.5 M solution of NaOH? (A 2.5 M solution contains 2.5 moles of solute in each liter of solution).

a) 1.9 mol

b) 3.3 mol

c) 0.75 mol

d) 2.5 mol

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Question 271 pts

The amount of a substance that dissolved in a given quantity of water at a given temperature to give a saturated solution is its

a) solubility

b) supersaturated solution

c) saturated solution

d) unsaturated solution

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Question 281 pts

An aqueous solution is made from 0.798 g of potassium permanganate, KMnO4. If the volume of a solution is 50.0 mL, what is the molarity of KMnO4 in the solution? (Remember: M stands for molar.)

a) 9.90 M

b) 0.05 M

c) 16.0 M

d) 0.101 M

e) 5.05 x 10-3 M

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Question 291 pts

How many protons are in the nucleus of a Ca atom?

a) 20

b) 39

c) 40

d) Variable

e) 41

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Question 301 pts

Classify the following reaction:

BaCl2 (aq) + CuSO4 (aq) → BaSO4 (s) +CuCl2 (aq)

a) Acid-base

b) Single displacement

c) Double replacement

d) Combination or synthesis

e) Precipitation

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Question 311 pts

How many atoms of magnesium are present in 28.5 g of magnesium?

a) 7.061 x 1023

b) 6.022 x 1023

c) 2.050 x 10-24

d) 1.720 x 1025

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Question 321 pts

When an electron in the excited state emits energy in the form of light it is said to go to the ____ state.

a) Ground

b) Ionic

c) Stable

d) Excited

e) Acidic

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Question 331 pts

The compound CrSO4 is named

a) Chromium sulfite

b) Chromium sulfate

c) Chromium (II) sulfite

d) Chromium (II) sulfate



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