Principles of reasoning

Put the following arguments in premise-and-conclusion form. Identify extraneous sentences, phrases or words, and provide a brief justification (one or couple words) for why it is extraneous. For arguments from analogy, identify the 3 elements/components of the structure. Please use an outline form.
Q1. We should not decrease the number of years for a drug patent. Developing a drug is very expensive. If we do not allow the manufacturers to recuperate their costs, they would lose motivation for developing new drugs. *
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Q2. The free-rider problem is the burden on a shared resource that is created by its use or overuse by people who aren’t paying for their share for it. Because public goods are a shared resourceeven people who don’t pay for them can use themthey give rise to the free-rider problem. *
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Q3. Technology has placed at the disposal of the healthcare community various potent tools to improve patient care. Since EHRs are easily available to physicians, they can access complete medical histories of patients and make the most well-considered medical decisions. Doctors can quickly identify possible medication errors. They can do this by using apps such as barcode scanners and patient safety improves as a result.
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Q4. Eating pork is immoral. Pigs are just as smart, cute, and playful as dogs and dolphins. Nobody would consider eating those animals. So why are pigs any different? *
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Q5. The cosmological argument for God’s existence. Everything in the universe must have a cause. An infinite regress of causes is impossible. So, there must be a first cause. God is the first cause. Therefore, God exists. *
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Q6. Movies, even those animated, resemble real life in relationships among major characters. In Lion King, the hyenas were enemies of the lions. So in real life, hyenas and lions must also be enemies. *

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