Preliminary Analysis: Costs and Benefits

Identify kinds of costs (such as construction, distribution, labor, environmental, etc.), not prices with dollar signs. MY PROJECT IS A SOLUTION TO (OCEANS AND SEA POLLUTION ON TAMPA BAY AREA) . read the description below.

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Using clear and consistent organization throughout, identify and analyze the potential costs and benefits associated with your solution.

As part of your document organization, label your sections as: “Identifying Costs” and “Identifying Benefits.”

Important: Your group must have already held your second team meeting and decided on a single solution. The solution must be targeted to the Tampa Bay area, with a long-term goal of implementing the model you develop in other cities, states, and countries. You will identify and analyze costs and benefits based on your group’s specified solution.
However, you will not coordinate with your group to complete this individual assignment. This assignment is individual analysis.

Sample Solution

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