HOMEWORK HELP | You will find an existing company to sale the bond /investment to prepare this midterm.

Please see the midterm information as follows: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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1] Instructions: You will find an existing company to sale the bond /investment to prepare this midterm.

2] PPT Slides:

Slide 1 : Cover Page – your name, date of exam and campus

Slide 2 : Introduction — search type(s) of your investment(s) and briefly explain the reason by choosing it.

Slide 3 : Find an expected rate of return by either using “Trial and Error” or “Formula” from text book.

Slide 4 : Calculate the Fair Value of a coupon bond (see page 78 and example 3 – 4) as reference.

Slide 5 : Calculate the semi-annual yield to maturity (seepage 80 and example 3 – 5) as reference.

Slide 6 : Calculate the duration of a bond with table (see page 93 and table 3 – 7) as reference.

Slide 7 : Conclusion — it should be overall of you opinion based on your analysis — not recall the calculation in this slide

Slide 8 : Recommendation – you future plan on your investment after your analysis

Slide 9 : References

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