Pillar 1- Part B Communication Plan

Pillar 1 – Part B – Communication Plan

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Table 4.9 (p.141) of Breakthrough Principals lists actions one can take to communicate with stakeholders to improve student learning. Using the ideas for ways to communicate provided in the Table, you are going to construct a complete and detailed communication action plan.

Table 4.9 has ideas of things you would include. It is not an example of a communication plan. Your communication plan should not look like the table. Further instructions are below to help you complete a communication plan.

Think about stakeholders with whom you need to communicate, what you need to communicate, and how often, as those aspects will provide a skeleton of a plan. The format of your plan can vary (tables, lists, narratives are all acceptable), but should include, at a minimum:

The persons/groups with whom you need to communicate

The type of communication

The purpose of the communication

The means of communication

How often to communicate

The person(s) responsible for each type of communication

Resources (if required)
(Typically an evaluation component would also be included. We will address that elsewhere.)

Upload your completed paper into the Dropbox titled “Pillar 1 – Part B – Communication Plan”

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