Personal Narrative Essay

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Personal Narrative Essay 

Objective: The personal narrative essay is a story that makes a point, by providing insight on a topic that is relevant to others. Your experiences, observations, and the events in your life will be the subject of analysis. Remember, this is not simply a personal reflection; rather, you must connect your personal experiences to broader points through analysis and provide meaningful insights for your reader. Your writing should be personal, creative, provide imagery, and evoke feeling and emotion.

  • It should be based on true events, personal observations and experiences
  • You can focus on one significant event or experience in detail, or several
  • It must follow the narrative pattern
  • You may use other scholarly and non-scholarly published works to further your main point
  • You may make reference to pop culture, sports, social media and anything that is relevant

Technical Details:

· Include a creative and eye-catching title for your piece

· The Narrative should be approximately 2-3 pages in length


Example Essay Topics

In each of the examples below, you will analyze your experiences to provide insights for your reader and to demonstrate a point about the subject matter.

Connect your personal experiences to an insight or main point about one of the following:

Your identity

Your writing/reading/learning

your interests or passions

social justice issues

global or political issues

Your choice

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