I need help writing my classification essay on Caribbean music.

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this is all I have right now for my body paragraph 

“Let’s take as a first example Caribbean music. That particular area of the world has so many cultures that intertwine; African culture, brought by slaves; European culture, mainly British, French and Spanish, who colonized the different islands; and the native cultures, everyone of who had their own traditions. All of these cultures clashed and mixed together and ended up giving birth to all the genres that are part of what we know as Caribbean music. All of this shows us the importance of culture and tradition in the conformation and definition of a genre. But in addition to that, we have some conventions that define each genre, making it unique. We have, for example, Ska and Reggae, both originated in the Jamaican culture, and with clear elements of that tradition, and yet they have some clear differences. While Ska has an upbeat rhythm and a walking bass line, Reggae has a slower rhythm, with the drums being the main element.”

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