Drawing and Painting

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Drawing and Painting

You’ve also viewed the approx. 12 minute video segments on Kara Walker, Walton Ford, and Shahzia Sikander. These three artists have very different approaches to drawing and painting – in terms of media (materials) used, and well as conceptual approach.

For this Discussion, you’ll be writing about the work of two of these artists .

Answer the following questions (MINIMUM OF 500 WORDS)

1) Which artist’s work did you find most interesting? Why?

2) Which art media did he/she use in their work?

Be specific by using the vocabulary from the textbook.

3) Which were the dominant Formal Elements of Art used in their work?

Make sure you cite specific work(s) from the video to use as examples. I’m looking for you to be able to reflect back at the first half of this class and apply the formal elements in the works by these selected artists. Also, try to expand beyond the physical qualities of the works, and apply the formal elements to the artist’s concept.

4) In the “Thinking Back” sections at the end of each chapter, your book talks about “drawing as an innovative media, and “painters of the 20th century challenging traditions in painting.” How does the work of this artist fit into those ideas?

One or two of the above artists might be easier to answer here. But, think beyond the physical qualities of the work, and consider the main concepts of the artists. Are they also conceptually pushing content, or challenging traditions?

5) Compare your answers to questions 2 – 3 with one of the other two artists. Does this other artist use different media? How does she/he fit into the ideas in question 4?

This is kara walker video


This is Walton Ford video


This is Shahzia Sikander video



And video lectures on Drawing


video lectures on painting


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