development in Iraq,

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development in Iraq,

Compose a 1000 words assignment on john kerry’s political portrait. Needs to be plagiarism free! In response to Rice’s remark that “The rise of the insurgency was an ‘unforeseen’ development in Iraq, Kerry said, “There was nothing “unforeseen” about the insurgent’s re-emergence. He added that “The U.S. military ‘encouraged’ them to vanish from the battlefield, promising to pay them if they did so, but we didn’t pay them”. This resulted in their becoming angry and organized. To understand the situation, he himself went on a tour to Iraq. This shows that Kerry firmly believes in studying and analyzing the situations first hand.

Though Sen. John Kerry has been a known figure in national politics since 1971, it was during the Presidential elections campaign that we could see a multifaceted personality during all of the TV shows, debates, and election rallies. He started off as a lone ranger, in contrast to the huge hype created around President Bush, but gradually succeeded in picking up the pace solely on the basis of his uncanny ability to address the issues in right perspective. His grasp on foreign affairs has been the key to giving his popularity graph a big boost. Though George W. Bush appears to have an edge as far as mesmerizing the audience is concerned but John Kerry makes his mark amongst the intellectuals. As the campaign progressed, the general public too started taking notice of his able leadership and he was able to put up a tough fight in front of George Bush.

In national politics, Massachusetts has remained overwhelmingly Democratic (Almanac, 2006). The state voted for John Kerry 62%-37% in 2004. George W. Bush could top 40% only in Plymouth County and Cape Cod, and the northeast Boston suburbs in Essex County. Politics in Massachusetts for years has been a kind of culture war between Yankee Republicans and Irish Democrats. With a population of 6,349,097 (Almanac, 206) and rural-urban composition of 8.6%-91.4%, the state today boasts of almost 100% employment figures. That’s indeed a feather in the cap of the officials representing the state. The prosperity of the people in the state is further evident by the rising income levels of the people with the majority of the job holders (i.e. 67%) being white collar, while 18.7% hold blue collar and 14.3% hold gray collar jobs.&nbsp.

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