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Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Modem converts analog signal to digital signals &amp. digital signal to analog signal.

Today the internet seems to be an indispensable communication instrument, and everybody who is using the internet wants good services from internet service providers. Good service means, good downloading speed (means time related to opening, closing and downloading a file on the internet), good connectivity (Internet connection can be done easily on request), &amp. transfer of data or file without interruption. Transfer of data or file without disturbance is a very critical factor on the internet, there are lots of internet connections providers, a lot of websites, a lot of data transfer, a lot of web server and lots of computer are accessing internet at the same time. Due to these usages, there is congestion on the internet, which results in delay in data transfer and also there is no surety that the data will be transferred completely.

Today each and every organization wants to fulfill all the customers’ needs. And the main agenda of most of the organization is Customer Satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the key of success for any organization. Customer satisfaction can be achieved by providing good Quality of Service (QoS). Parameters for Quality of Service may vary from one organization to another.

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