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This assignment is based on the module 3 case. Your company decided to proceed with building its own line of wearable devices. It has been a couple of years since the product was launched, but sales have not been impressive and the companys management team is wondering about next steps. One of your emerging competitors has offered a deal to purchase your companys entire wearable product line (they want to incorporate the features of your device into their product line). Your CIO has tasked you with the analysis of three options as to how to proceed. Here are the options on the table:

Discontinue the product line. This option is on the table because the current sales of the wearable device at your company do not cover the costs to produce and distribute the device.
A sister-company (your company is part of a conglomerate of corporations owned by a large group) has offered to partner with your company to support the upgrade of the device with a newer set of features and Bluetooth technology, as well as cover the manufacturing costs for the device, while asking for 60% of any potential profits in the future. Profit is not expected to be realized for this product line for at least 2 years under this option, but after this period, your company stands to become a market leader in the wearable technologies.
Selling the product line to a one of the industry giants that is interested in growing its market share in the wearables market. The profit from this sale will cover the existing losses and generate an increase in the stock price (sure to excite some of the stakeholders); however, there will be attorney and contractual work to be completed by large team of your in-house attorneys and procurement team specialists (leading to additional losses).
You CIO has asked you to prepare an analysis of the options following the steps outlined below. Consider the following information prior to your analysis:

45% of users of the product are young professionals who also use a third of the products from your other product lines
5% of your company stakeholders are completely against the sale of the product line to another company
15% of your workforce since they are currently dedicated to supporting this product.
Your report should be structure in the following format:

Provide an executive summary (synthesizes the analysis of your report)
Prepare an Attractiveness Achievability chart
Define project outcomes
Identify non-monetary benefits
Prepare a benefits map
Weigh and score the benefits
Analyze weighted value of options and rank each option
Validate results in the context of your stakeholders and their potential concerns
Follow the Instructions
All assignments must adhere to APA style, to include (but not limited to) the following aspects: document formatting, line spacing, page numbering, in-text citation format, and referencing requirements. Assignments do not need a table of content or abstract, but you do need a title page and a reference page. Students should use the APA Manual (6th edition) to assist in their demonstration of competency in adhering to APA format. For in-text citations and reference page formatting, you will find chapters 6 and 7 of the APA manual particularly helpful.

Your assignment should be no more than 10 pages (not including the title page and the reference page).


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