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Respond to these questions or suggest a root cause of the questions. Comment on your the operationalization of the question. Write 1-2 paragraphs for each.

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Question 1:
How telehealth services has impacted primary care and outpatient health care facilities in providing ongoing patient care during COVID-19? Determine the types of primary or outpatient services remained intact and which services were temporarily closed during the pandemic.

Question 2:_Aminta Thursday
According to ScienceDirect (2000), Managed care plans appear to attract a population that is somewhat lower cost than that enrolled in conventional insurance. The primary data would be data collected thru a survey. My secondary data would be collecting previous research data and comparing both.

Question 3: Saturday, Mykal
Can future healthcare leaders develop ways to help those who dont have access to the necessary items for Telehealth services?

Question 4: Aminta_Saturday
In order to be an effective collaborative leader to advance research. The most important strategies in my opinion are to make sure that the information or message is clear.

Question 5: Wells, Saturday
As I look at these questions I realize that I did not start my leadership career as a scholar, leader, practitioner – and I struggled with decisions (especially human resource decisions). With the scholarship and leadership skills I gained as a doctoral student, I found that leadership naturally followed scholarship. What has your experience been?

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