Any topic (writer’s choice)

    Read the scenario and give your (reaction and decision making process) in the form of a 5 paragraph, 400-word APA style report (title page, abstract page and main report pages);
    3 decisions for your body paragraphs;
    Base your approach to writing the report on the critical thinking chapter 2;

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The scenario:

It is mid-January. You and your team have chartered a small tourist plane. As you fly over the unknown land, the pilot gets a storm warning. To make matters worse, the engine starts sputtering and a fire breaks out. You gradually lose altitude and eventually crash-land. The small plane in which you were traveling is completely destroyed except for the frame. The pilot and co-pilot are killed, but no one else is seriously injured. The crash came suddenly before the pilot had time to radio for help or inform anyone of your position. Since your pilot was trying to avoid a storm, you know the plane was considerably off course. The pilot announced shortly before the crash that you were 100 km northwest of a small village that is the nearest known habitation.  You are in an area made up of ice, lakes, and woods. The last weather report indicated that the temperature would reach minus twenty-five degrees in the daytime and minus forty at night.  You are dressed in winter clothing appropriate for city wearsuits, pantsuits, street shoes, and overcoats. While escaping from the plane, your group salvaged the items listed below. Vital navigational and radio equipment has been damaged.
Decision 1. Assessing the Needs
Before you reach a decision, you will need to assess your needs carefully.
    How many people are in your group?
    Does your shelter need to be camouflaged?
    How cold is it? Will you need to build a fire inside or directly in front of your shelter?
    How much time do you have to build the shelter?
    Is the shelter for long-term or short-term use?
    Is it next to/away from a body of water, woods, cliffs?
    Is the location dry or flat?
    Is safe from rocks falling of cliffs, dangerous animals or poisonous plants?

Decision 2. Planning the Shelter
Assessing your needs and knowing your provisions will also help you decide on the type of shelter. Remember to consider parameters such as:
    Time needed
    Material needed
    Level of difficulty

Decision 3. Using the Tools to build the shelter.
You do not have any tools, but you have managed to save the following items, undamaged and intact after the crash:
    A ball of steel wool
    A small ax
    A loaded 45-caliber pistol
    Newspapers (one per person)
    Cigarette lighter
    Extra shirt and pants for each survivor
    20 x 20 ft. piece of heavy-duty canvas
    A sectional air map made of plastic
    A compass
    Family-size chocolate bars (one per person)
      anything from the environment near you
Now that you have decided on the best spot, you have to start thinking about the type of shelter you will need and how you are going to build it. Describe the following things:
    Material used for building
    Tools used for building
    The shelter design and structure
    The walls, the roof, the sleeping and eating area

apply critical/ creative thinking to survive the land
i would suggest some solution and you can add yours
– maybe we can use things from the plane (debris) /structure of the plane
– short term shelter and move everyday closer to the village maybe ?
– build a shelter to live there forever?
please show the importance of teamwork

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